Introduction to RASON
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Creating and Running a Decision Flow
Defining Your Optimization Model
Defining Your Simulation Model
Performing Sensitivity Analysis
Defining Your Stochastic Optimization Model
Defining Your Data Mining Model
Defining Custom Types
Defining Custom Functions
Defining Your Decision Table
Defining Contexts
Using the REST API
REST API Quick Call Endpoints
REST API Endpoints
Decision Flow REST API Endpoints
OData Endpoints
OData Service for Decision Flows
Creating Your Own Application
Using Arrays, For, Loops and Tables
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Welcome to Frontline Systems’ RASON® modeling language. A cloud service that enables companies to easily embed 'intelligent decisions' in a manual or automated business process, applying business rules powered by advanced analytics."

RASON, an acronym for RESTful Analytic Solver Object Notation, is a high-level, declarative modeling language embedded in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), the popular structured format widely used in Web and mobile applications. A REST API at enables applications to submit RASON models to Frontline's servers, solve them and obtain results in JSON. RASON utilizes a mini-language you can use to quickly and easily create and solve optimization, simulation/risk analysis, data mining, decision table and decision flow models. RASON is compatible with Windows and Linux desktops and servers but is especially useful if you are building Web or mobile applications.

If you have ever used a modeling language to build an analytic model, you’ll find the RASON language to be simple but powerful and expressive and integrating RASON models into a larger application, especially a web or mobile app, is much easier than with other modeling languages.

Unlike existing "heavyweight" Business Rule Management Systems, with year-long implementation schedules, six-figure budgets and limited analytics power, RASON Decision Services enables creation of decision models and flows powered by a full range of machine learning, optimization and simulation methods, with faster deployment thanks to built-in support for Excel, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automatic (aka Microsoft Flow) and Dynamics 365 via the Common Data Service, OneDrive and CData's Cloud Hub.

Business analysts and developers can sign up for free trial accounts to evaluate RASON Decision services at which will provide access to tools to compose RASON models and decision flows, exercise the REST API, try out dozens of example models illustrating use of decision tables, predictive models and machine learning, optimization and simulation and download the RASON User Guide and Reference Guide in PDF form.